Florida A&M University Recognizes Major Donors

November 04, 2022
Freshman Class of 2002
Florida A&M University Recognizes Major Donors

Florida A&M University’s Homecoming is a celebration of students and alumni and also time to recognize major donors to the University. In 2021-2022, the University raised $24.6 million, a record in donations. During the Homecoming Convocation on Friday, October 28 and during the Homecoming game on Saturday, October 29, the University recognized many of its major donors, including individuals, affinity groups, fraternities and sororities, corporations and philanthropies. Dr. Alfreda Blackshear, MD, was recognized as the No.1 legacy donor for 30 consecutive years of giving to the University. 


Members of the FAMU Industry Cluster, who donated more than $8 million to the University were also recognized. The Industry Cluster Program is the President’s advisory group of corporate executives across diverse market sectors that works to build effective win-win relationships that are mutually beneficial for FAMU, students, faculty, and community as well as corporate partners.

Donors Recognized:

Caleb Hannah, III                                              $25,000.00

Frederick and Dolores Bentley                       $25,000.00 

Cheryl Anderson                                              $25,000.00 

Bradley-Johnson Foundation                         $25,000.00 

DaySnatchers                                                  $25,000.00

Ariane Simone Reed                                        $25,000.00 

Eddie Evans                                                     $25,875.00

Verian D. Thomas                                            $26,000.00

Erica D. Hill                                                       $26,350.00

Mildred E. Young                                              $31,000.00

Terri L. Hines                                                    $32,000.00

 Larry and Sharon Robinson                            $33,256.41 

Marcelia C. Freeman                                        $46,525.00 

ATTY Ben Crump                                             $50,000.00 

Elizabeth Burress                                             $54,000.00 

Dr. Alfreda Blackshear                                     $56,250.00        

Michael J Dubose                                             $103,628.96 

Edwin Rice, Elijah Bowdre, & The BitPoint      $100,157.40. 

Kevin and Patricia Soucy                                 $115,000.00 

Patrick L. Allen                                                 $120,000.00 

Darryl and Leslye Fraser                                 $130,000.00 

Stephanie L. Foster                                         $133,480.14 

Erick W. McReynolds                                       $150,000.00 

 Eric Schmidt                                                    $250,000.00

Norma White                                                    $201,908.00

Frank and Laura Baker                                    $300,000.00 

Company Donors

U.S. Department Of Treasury                          $70,000.00 

The Fab Foundation                                         $70,500.00 

Turner Construction Company                        $74,000.00 

City College of New York (CCNY)/Rodium Group           $75,000.00

Allergan USA, Inc.                                            $90,000.00 

Badia Spices, Inc.                                             $100,000.00 

Data Set Ready, Inc.                                         $100,000.00 

TYJ LLC                                                            $100,000.00 

Mosaic Global Sales LLC                                  $100,000.00

Wells Fargo                                                      $102,000.00

Advancing Minorities’ Interest in Engineering                 $106,700.00 

Boeing                                                              $110,000.00

Ford Motor Company Central Accounting Services        $113,500.00 

The FAMU Industry Cluster                                               $8.337M

iHeartMedia and Hyundai                                $125,000.00

Intel Corporation                                              $135,000.00 

Lockheed Martin Corporation                         $150,000.00

Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation            $150,000.00 

OSI Restaurant Partners, LLC                         $157,500.00

Toyota TFS                                                     $175,000.00

The Blackstone Charitable Foundation          $200,000.00

Chevron Products Company                           $200,000.00 

Owens Corning Sales, LLC                               $200,000.00 

NIKE                                                                 $200,000.00

Microsoft Corporation                                    $203,600.00

The Dow Chemical Company                        $220,000.00 

Bank of America-Tallahassee                        $250,000.00

Goldman Sachs & Company                          $250,000.00 

3M Company                                                  $250,000.00 

JP Morgan Chase                                            $253,000.00 

Comcast                                                         $350,000.00 

HCA Management Service                             $375,000.00

Merck, Sharp, and Dohme LLC                      $400,000.00 

Silicon Valley Bank Foundation                      $500,000.00 

Bristol-Myers Squibb Company                      $800,000.00

Thurgood Marshall College Fund, Inc.           $1,978,990.00